Seems interesting that I’m starting a new blog on such a momentous day. 

Osama Bin Laden is declared dead.  Shot in the head.  This would have been news ten years ago.  Or even eight years ago when Dubya did his oh-so-premature “Mission Accomplished” speech.  Now?  It’s kind of a “so what?” moment for me.  Osama’s dead…but there’s a lot more where he came from, looking to carry on his legacy.  “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss,” as Townsend wrote (and Daltrey sang).

It’s Election Day where we get to vote in the same morons that were already here previously.  “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss,” as Townsend wrote (and Daltrey sang).

So, why am I adding yet another blog post to the already-saturated market?  Do I really have anything new to add?  Hope so.  Maybe not.

But, I attended the 2011 Ontario Writer’s Conference on Saturday, which was an amazing day of rubbing elbows with fellow writers.  I met a lot of old friends, such as Mary McIntyre, a former Creative Writing student of mine, who wrote a lovely blog about me.  I also met some amazing new (I hope!) friends…Ann Douglas who, quite frankly, is to blame for this blog due to her talk on “Shameless Self-Promotion” and Allyson Latta (a secret horror fan…guess that’s not a secret anymore…).  The major take away from that event was to put myself out there a little more.  Okay, a whole lot more.

So, this is my first step.

I hope you like it.

Tell me if you do.  More importantly, tell me if you don’t.


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