About Tobin Elliott

The first thing I’ll say is, go visit my full website where you can get more information on most of the stuff below.  Now, on with the info.

I’ve been writing so long there may be graffiti inside my mother’s womb.

Here’s some stuff I do:

Here’s some writing stuff I’ve done or I’m working on:

  • Vanishing Hope, a novella (54 pages) and my first published work, is now available for order through Burning Effigy Press.  Check out the reviews here.
  • Soft Kiss, Hard Death, the third in the Sam Truman Mysteries series, is available in ebook form by Abattoir Press and as part of the collected mysteries in hard copy in 2013. You can order it through Amazon.com.
  • I’m currently editing No Hope, the follow up full-length novel and the next story in the saga of the Book, tentatively scheduled to be published by Burning Effigy Press aroundJune  2013
  • I’m collecting my #WritingTip tweets into a “how to write” book called Tweet You Write to be (hopefully) epublished in 2013
  • Completed the first draft of the pseudo-sequel to No Hope, called Blood Loss during the Muskoka Novel Marathon that I participated in in July 2012.
  • I’m also working on several short stories, and at least one novella
  • Aside from this blog, I’m hoping to contribute a column on a regular basis to Dreadful Tales

Sometimes I sleep.

You can email me at tobin[at]tobinelliott[dot]com (link deliberately broken to prevent spam from this site). Don’t forget…two Ls and two Ts in Elliott.

10 thoughts on “About Tobin Elliott

  1. Tobin, As I Tweeted earlier, I love your post. Kids today have NO idea, do they — but then, our parents said that, as did countless adults of countless previous generations. Have you ever read the laments about “the youth of today” by Plato (incl. some attributed to Socrates)? I guess what constitutes a bad summer job evolves with each generation; the common denominator is that positions for the unskilled teenager generally suck. But what incredible learning experiences they were, and are! I started a hashtag #bestworstsummer in case people want to share summer job stories.

  2. Hey Annie, thanks. If you are reading this reply on my actual blog site (as opposed to an email alert), look over to the next column of stuff to the right and scroll up a touch. You’ll see a “subscribe, dammit!” area.

    By the way, I read the most recent blog of yours and loved it.

    To anyone that happens to read this: Click on Annie’s link above and subscribe. You’ll be glad you did.

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