A quick wrap up

This will be a short one, readers.  Just cleaning up a few end of year details, getting ready for the new year and highlighting a milestone of sorts.

So this is 2011 damn near done.  For the first third of this past year, I say, good frigging riddance.  They were a rough time for me personally and professionally.  On the plus side, I changed jobs (within the same company), and I think I grew up a lot personally and learned to place blame squarely where most of it lay.  With me.  Then I learned to deal with it.  I also learned to stand up for myself a lot more.

The last two-thirds of the year are a whirlwind.  I joined the Writers’ Community of Durham Region (WCDR) writing community and went to the Ontario Writers’ Conference on April 30.  Two days later, as a direct result of the conference, I started this blog.  Only 244 days ago.  Or 5856 hours.  351,360 minutes…or 21,081,600 seconds…give or take.

From a chance meeting at the OWC, I ended up a founding board member of the Writers’ Community of Simcoe County (WCSC).  From meetings at WCDR, I ended up great friends with members of the brand new Writers’ Community of York Region (WCYR).

At the same time, I also taught three Creative Writing courses and met a lot of new friends and writers that way.

So I’ve met a lot of writers/editors/enthusiasts.

I got published for the first time ever in August at the Festival of Fear and the response not only at the booklaunch but also ever since, whether it was readers, fellow writers or reviewers, has been so much more positive and passionate than I ever could have hoped for.

I also got reacquainted with some old friends and family and met some new ones.

In all, though it started out as the worst time of my life, it’s turned into one of the best years, professionally and personally, that I ever could have hoped for.

In the beginning, I had modest hopes for this blog.  244 days ago, I’d originally planned to put up a new blog every day.  That turned out to be unrealistic, but I have managed an average of one every two-and-a-half days.  I’ve almost hit a hundred posts, which seemed so unattainable way back in May.

Which leads me to the milestone I was talking about.  Sometime today, I’ll cross 10,000 hits (only 26 to go as I write this).  Now, I’ve come across some blogs that have had ten or twenty times that, but for me to have an average of forty people viewing this site daily or about a 100 or so per blog post…when it didn’t even exist in April…that’s surprising to me.  It always shocks me that so many people are somehow interested in anything I have to say.  Because most of what I say is either dirty, profane or doesn’t make sense.  Ohid I actually good peanuts!

And yet, still you come.

And starting tomorrow, or next year, however you want to look at it, I’ve decided to make three resolutions.  Two are easy, the third’s going to be a challenge for me.

  1. Keep doing what I’m doing when it comes to my family and friends.  I don’t want to lose any of them because of my boneheadedness.
  2. Create a page on here to let you know what I’m reading.  As a heavy reader and a pathetically slow writer, I’m always interested in what others are reading.  When I visit someone’s house, I always look at what books they have on their shelf.  So I’m gonna let you know as well.  Could generate discussion…could suck.
  3. (And this is the hard one, folks)  Write an average of 500 words a day.  Every day.  I came across a site (thanks Jason Darrick!) that is set up like an all-year NaNoWriMo, but, at least for me, seems a little more attainable.  So I’m not going to count blog posts in the word count.  Only actual fiction writing.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress here.  Yes, in public.  Humiliation works wonders.

That’s it.  Next year at this time, we’ll see how I did.

So, thank each and every one of you who take time out of your day to stop by.  I really do appreciate it.

Have a fantastic 2012 and let’s keep doing this, shall we?

This is Tobin Elliott – Station Identification 2


I’m Tobin.  I’m trying to figure out how the heck a blog that’s been averaging around 30 hits a day for the past two weeks suddenly gets a monster whack of hits the last two days.  I didn’t expect to cross 6000 views for a few more weeks…

"It's but a flesh wound!"

Anyway, I’m responsible for this blog, so if you don’t like what you read, blame the face above. I published a novella called VANISHING HOPE that had gotten a lot of positive reviews.  You can check it out by clicking on the links in the box just to the right and up a bit.  Go ahead, check it out.  I’ll wait.

Back now?  Lovely.  I also have a novel, NO HOPE, which should be published around end of summer 2012.  It’s a sequel to VANISHING HOPE, but it’s also a full-length novel. 

I’m also a proud member of the Writers’ Community of Durham Region and a board member for the fledgling Writers’ Community of Simcoe County.  

I’m on LinkedIn.  I’m on Twitter.  I’m on Facebook.  Ya can’t miss me…as ZZ Top says, “I’m bad, I’m nationwide.”

I also have a real job as a Communications Specialist for a large telecom firm.

I write about writing.  I write about morons.  I write about my family.  I write about stupid things that have happened to me in the past.  I write about life in general.  I write about other things too.  Sometimes I do a few of them all at the same time.

So anyway, that’s me and a little about this blog.  Let me know if you hate it/love it/are completely indifferent to it.

Thanks for coming out.

Yes, It’s Been a While…

Sorry all, it’s been a while since I blogged.  It’s not from lack of trying, I’ve got subject matter backed up.  But I’ve been busy with another new endeavour that I’ll be sharing with you hopefully very soon.

No, it’s not me getting published by a major publisher.

Well, not a novel getting published.

You’re just gonna have to wait a bit.  I promise, it won’t be long.