The whole world’s goin’ crazy

Yet another rant on the assholes that I’ve been unsuccessful in kicking off my planet.

Have you ever seen one of those potato guns?  They’re big, homemade contraptions that you can load up a potato as the projectile and get some ridiculous distance and damage with them.  Not far from where I live, there’s a place call Pingle’s Farm and they went one step better, vastly increasing the caliber of the barrel so they could stuff pumpkins and other assorted gourds into and blow them across a full acreage of farmland.

My goal is to go one better and increase the barrel size to fit at least one, but, for efficiency’s sake, preferably four or five humans.  The goal would be to accelerate them to escape velocity and fire their asses into deep space where they can’t be heard anymore.

Because we all know, in space, no one can hear you scream.  Or fart.  Or spout bullshit.

Let’s load up the first one, shall we?

Message of tolerance

Meet Jessica Ahlquist, a sixteen-year-old atheist.  I’m going to state right up front that I’m not the most religious person on the planet, nor am I against atheists.  I believe everyone has the right to choose their own religion.  I also believe in the right of free speech.

Apparently Ahlquist disagrees with me.  There’s a banner in her high school that reads

Our Heavenly Father,
Grant us each day the desire to do our best. To grow mentally and morally as well as physically. To be kind and helpful to our classmates and teachers. To be honest with ourselves as well as with others. Help us to be good sports and smile when we lose as well as when we win. Teach us the value of true friendship. Help us always to conduct ourselves so as to bring credit to Cranston High School.

This is a banner that’s hung there for 49 years.  But now Ahlquist has decided, it needs to come down.  It’s not right to read that.  In her own words, that it’s “almost like making a child get a shot even though they don’t want to. It’s for their own good.”

Apparently a judge agrees with her, ruling the banner is “unconstitutional.”  Fantastic.  So now we have sixteen-year-olds deciding what’s good and what’s not for the entire school and judges backing them up.  Thanks, Jessica, thank God…oops, thank Nobody…(don’t take me to court, Jessica) that you came along to save those poor kids who shouldn’t be reading that horrible, awful message that’s destroyed 49 years’ worth of students that came before you.  Oh yeah, and you’re getting $40000 out of it (so far) too.

I get a kick out John Figdor from Harvard University who appears in the video and says, “We’re very proud of the message she’s making, which is a message of tolerance. [emphasis mine]”

This is a message of tolerance?  “I don’t believe in God, so I can’t tolerate the “Our Heavenly Father” and the “Amen” in the banner?  How about not looking at it?

Hopefully Jessica won’t notice the churches strewn through the town and decide that removal of the crosses is for our own good too.  You know, spreading her message of tolerance.

***UPDATE: It’s been (quite rightly) pointed out to me by a couple of people (thanks Gavy and Lisa) that my focus was off on this one.  They were right.  This isn’t about Free Speech.  What pisses me off is the fact that this went to court, that a kid’s profiting from it, when it could have been solved by pulling four words off. and changing it so it reads like a Mission Statement (it only takes the removal of two words and adding three):

We strive each day for the desire to do our best. To grow mentally and morally as well as physically. To be kind and helpful to our classmates and teachers. To be honest with ourselves as well as with others. Help us to be good sports and smile when we lose as well as when we win. Teach us the value of true friendship. Help us always to conduct ourselves so as to bring credit to Cranston High School.

And here’s the thing…two people didn’t agree with me.  But we all approached it rationally and calmly and made our points.  No judges, no lawyers, no demonstrations.  I was corrected and I learned from it.

What did this sixteen-year-old learn?  What did her classmates learn?

Pedophile preacher can stay, kids get the boot

Sticking with the religion theme for a bit here, meet Darrell Gilyard of the Christ Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church.  Darrell’s the new pastor at the church.  Fantastic, right?

Well, Darrell’s got a bit of a history.  Turns out, between spreading the Word, Darrell tends to ignore his own preaching.  In 2009, he plead guilty to lewd conduct and lewd molestation of two underage girls.   Apparently when he was the pastor of another Baptist church, he molested a 15-year-old girl and sent a lewd text message to another.  Just the kind of guy you want acting as your morale and ethical leader, right?

Under the conditions of his plea agreement, Gilyard cannot have “unsupervised contact with children under 18 years old.”  Hmmm, that kind of poses a problem, considering the line of work he’s in.  So, what did the church decide?  He got out of prison last Dec 28 and was back to preaching by January.  And the church banned children from the services.

Well, yeah.  Makes total sense to me.  Give the dude with the short eyes the break and screw over the kids.  Because, you know, once you do some time in jail, those tendencies just fall away.  You never want to do them again.  Oh, wait, maybe you do, because they don’t want him near anyone under the age of 18.

And I can see this occurring everywhere.  You know, if you have, say, a teacher that is convicted of lewd conduct and lewd molestation of underaged boys or girls, you can still bring him back to teach.  Just ban the kids from attending his classes, right?

And before anyone busts me about hating on the Baptists…I don’t.  I hate on morons, whatever the race, colour, religion or sexual orientation, okay?

PayPal looks out for you…doesn’t that make you feel better?

Oh those wacky guys at PayPal with their crazy policies, huh?  On Saturday February 18, PayPal brought down the moral hammer on indie book publishers and distributors, threatening them with immediate deactivation of their accounts if they did not remove books containing certain sexual themes.  What themes?  Sexual fantasies that PayPal does not approve of, that’s what themes.

Let’s get specific, cuz sexual fantasies cover a wide range, don’t they?

Now granted, shit like child porn?  Yeah, you know what, let’s stay away from that crap, and PayPal includes a bunch of subjects that many would consider offensive or disturbing in real life.  Not sure where you come down on BDSM (Bondage, Submission, Sadism and Masochism).  It ain’t my cup of tea, but that’s just me.  Most of it is not illegal in North America.  Again, not judging here.  I mean, we have areas in North America where what two homosexuals would do when engaging in sex would be considered illegal.  So it’s a big stupid mess, but that’s not my point.  Here’s what is.

One of the things PayPal included was non-human fantasy creatures.  That means PayPal is demanding the removal of paranormal romance stories that include shape-shifters – if the shape-shifters were to have sex in their non-human forms.

Huh.  First of all, what happened to Free Speech?

Second, does that mean we have to recall all those Twilight books?  Yes, when Edward and Bella get it on, technically he’s in human form.  But technically, he’s also dead.  So that’s necrophilia, right?  That’s illegal.

Okay, so maybe there is and upside to this.

I’m kidding.  Seriously, what’s with everyone trying to spy on us and tell us what we can and cannot do in our own homes lately?

And speaking of spying on us…

Happiness is not a plastic gun

Meet Jessie Sansone, the poor bastard.  Jessie, unlike everyone else above, didn’t do anything wrong.  But just because he’s got a plastic dart gun in the house and a four-year-old daughter with some creativity, he went through hell.

His daughter drew a picture in school of her father with a gun and she told a teacher he was fighting the “monsters and bad guys.”  She’s four, folks.  Kids do that kind of thing.  This apparently “triggered fears that the family home contained a weapon that was a threat to the children.”

Let’s remember a couple of things here.  This is in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.  It’s perfectly legal to own a gun here.  Let’s also remember that the picture did not show the gun pointed at kids.  The girl did not in any way indicate that her father was threatening her or anyone else in her family.  Only bad guys and monsters.

So, the girl’s teacher at Forest Hill Public School was “concerned” by the drawing and called Family and Children’s Services, who assessed the case and called police. No one called the home.  No one talked to Jessie.  Instead, he went to pick up his kid from school and was met by three cops.  After being interviewed by police at the school, Sansone was handcuffed and taken to the police station in a cruiser, where he was strip-searched (because he might have hidden a gun up his ass before picking his daughter up) and held while the rest of his family was dragged to the station for questioning.

They also searched his house.  Without a warrant.  Then, then found the gun.  This one:

Pretty dangerous, huh?

God knows what they would have done to my mother when, in the span of two weeks when I was about six or seven, I draped a perfectly knotted hangman’s noose off our third floor balcony and, as a school project, built both a hangman’s platform with noose and trapdoor made out of twine and popsicle sticks, as well as a working guillotine with a razor blade as the cutting device and an stolen thimble as the basket for the head to fall into.

Has all sense become lost to us as a society?


14 thoughts on “The whole world’s goin’ crazy

  1. I fully agree with everything but the first one. A public school, funded by everybody’s tax dollars, should either be referencing all possible faiths or none at all. Since referencing all of the them would be ridiculous, none is preferable. Though I do think there was no need to remove the message altogether, they could have just re-worded it. And it is disgusting that the girl is making a profit on this.

    As for poor Jessie, don’t even get me started on the insanities perpetrated by our lovely Children’s Aid Societies in the name of “protecting children”. That organization has far too much power and does not have to answer to anybody. Furthermore, many of the workers are not adequately trained, yet are never held responsible for breaches of conduct – can’t let the public think you’re fallible, even when you’re clearly wrong. I really hope Jessie has a darn good lawyer.

  2. I came. I read. I marveled. At the crazy stupidity.

    And then I REALLY marveled. You built a scale model of a hangman’s platform and a working guillotine (nice touch, the thimble!) as well as a perfectly knotted noose? Brilliance! But also an early expression of the childhood you had, if I remember correctly from your description of it.

    • Yeah, but you know what? That wasn’t because I was some pre-Goth Emo kid in waiting. It was more of a project…a problem to be solved…could I build these things from nothing but popsicle sticks, glue and some stuff around the house? Turns out the answer was yes.

      Though I didn’t recognize it at the time, I can say now that when I brought them to school and proudly displayed them to my teacher, her expression was shock, mixed with healthy doses of horror and bemusement. To her credit, she just complimented me on my ingenuity…

      …Instead of calling Family Services and having my mother arrested on suspicion of having a guillotine in the house.

  3. I remember playing hangman’s noose (censored)in school as a spelling exercise!
    My lord I have been traumatized and I didn’t know it. I was set up to set a bad example later in life. I was and am no longer.

    This is sickening and frightening, seriously. So instead of letting our imagination roam, explore and conquer with descriptive flare, we must now minimize our brains and words to the basic” see spot” see spot run” “be careful spot doesn’t fall and cut himself, thus causing bleeding(censored), thus insulting someone and we become even more censored. Omg(censored) it is blood(censored)…and omg(censored) i said omg!(censored)

    This is going to happen. this is not the beginning, we began giving away our rights years ago to people who are too sensitive to enjoy what they want without castrating (censored)saying pears are against my beliefs and insult me, remove it from the market completely! Now! It is coming…Specialized shops with warnings and even that might be illegal after a time.

    Don’t even get me started on anything else, I will still be writing into the morning and have to delete it all because it was too many words and too argumentative and just simply too much because the greater powers say so.

    Oh yeah, what is this world coming to,, well written and said Tobin,

  4. It is indeed a crazy world and there are many more examples of this. A teacher in Barrie was convicted several years ago of having an inappropriate relationship with a teenage boy which including inappropriate texts she sent to him. Today she’s teaching at the public school down the street from me, but I am willing to bet that if I asked to have my child removed from her classroom, I would be the bad guy and the onus would be on me to prove why (with no reason being good enough.) If anyone wishes to see further comments on the situation with Jessica Ahlquist I suggest they read the blog post I wrote.

  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again : Common sense just isnt very common any more. Not really sure when it went the way of the dodo, but it would be nice if someone went Jurassic Park on it and brought it back. I, for one, kinda miss it.

  6. Totally disaree with the first one and the changing to a mission statement by you and your readers. The foundation of our country is being changed and we are letting it happen. There is nothing wrong with the statement as it is and has been for 40 some years. No wonder we are getting our anthem changed to omit the word God, that we can’t say Christmas, anyone can make fun of a certain religion but others are made fun of and labels like racist and anti semetism (sorry about spelling) are thrown about. We as a society are almost too tolerant, sorry you didn’t like this or that, I will change it. Oh where you come from you drive on the left, no problem go ahead, we will all change. What, our holidays offend you? No problem we will get rid of the all. All the signs that say God, get rid of them, but then let’s get rid of all churches, temples, synagogs, prayer places, special prayer rooms at work for people of other religions to go twice a day, better yet, let’s ban such phrases as “Dear Lord”, “sweet Jesus”, “oh my God” , and the most offensive to a Catholic, but that everyone uses, “God Damn it”. But no, that would be an infringement on my freedom of speech. The world is becoming a fucking madhouse, and we pay 40k fit something like this? The judge and lawyer should be slapped for this. What a waste of money, when the court systems are backed up with trials waiting years and years for murders and violent crimes. I guess the 40k will go a long way to fund her post secondary education! ………hey wait a minute…….my son is going to university next year……..I am off to the high school to find God, then I can sue his ass for tuition. What a fucking joke.

  7. UPDATE: It’s been (quite rightly) pointed out to me by a couple of people (thanks Gavy and Lisa) that my focus was off on this one. They were right. This isn’t about Free Speech. What pisses me off is the fact that this went to court, that a kid’s profiting from it, when it could have been solved by pulling four words off. and changing it so it reads like a Mission Statement (it only takes the removal of two words and adding three):

    It should be about freedom of speech and loss of our rights, but who am I to say what you should or should not write. The very basis of all you have written, the very depth and foundation of each paragraph is about our loss of our rights and freedoms and how these are being interpreted from the coming generation now. These are the lessons taught and examples set for them by us.
    Yep the kid is profiting from something you don’t like. How many huge conglomerates are profiting from stuff we do not like and blatantly so? What is the difference? The conglomerate is more protected because it has money and backing from even bigger boys. How about the government and their milking and profiting?
    Some parents are around to elaborate, guide and teach, some don’t care enough to do this, some are all about the money, greed and getting more. So statistically, 2/3 of the population and generations do not give a rat’s whiskers or tail about anything else except for how it relates to them, them, them and what they can get out of it.
    Sue them eh? So typical a reaction. Just toss another jacket for another court case: logged, backlogged and waiting but that’s okay because it is coming out of our pockets and this is dire. This threatens, not our lives but our sensitivities…how we covet our neighbors now and to heck with turning the other cheek, that word, your look, her religion, his preference of dressing insults my sense of world and blatantly glare through my rose coloured glasses intruding upon my daydreams Sue them all I say. *satire off*
    I do not like having to tip toe around thinking that pulling a strange child out of the middle of a busy street will get me sued because I touched him or her but it will happen because they are better liars or so paranoid because that is what we have become or are turning towards today.

    Just the tip of the iceberg and an avalanche is waiting, quivering over our heads.
    …and no I am not a doomsdayer nor prophet. This *waves her hands* is in front of our noses and most chose to ignore and continue one because they are so busy getting ahead or feel such a need to protect their family. We are no longer that caring community, watching out for each other. We do not even know our neighbor anymore and how dare you knock on my door. it is bad enough you intrude into my life via the telephone, pushing past and through any loopsholes to be found because of the glory of the buck. The almighty dollar is now the root of survival, not humanity, not kindness, not love. The almighty dollar.

  8. Can I help you load that cannon?

    And seriously? She was paid $40,000.00? What message does that send? Don’t like something, just complain loud and long enough.

    I shudder to think what they would have done to my parents. Dad was a Federal Meat Inspector and previous to that, worked on a kill floor. You should have seen what I brought to show and tell.

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