I know I’m overdue for a blog…but I’m totally blanking right now.

So how about this?  How about YOU tell ME what I should write about?  Come on, this is your chance!  Don’t be shy!

13 thoughts on “Sorry…

  1. Dear Mr. Elliott,
    Today I had the good fortune to be awarded not 1, but 2 blog Awards! On Friday I will be passing those Awards forward, and would like to
    pass my good fortune on to one of my favorite people – you guessed it; my favorite horror writer. This should give you lots of things to write about, as you have to share ten facts about yourself (none poop related.)
    What are friends for but to share their ‘wealth’ with those in need?
    I remain your humble servant,
    Ms. Young

  2. From my blog ideas notebook (since you’ll no doubt do a much better job than I would):
    – I never planned my wedding, unlike Kim Kardashian. Maybe that’s why the homemade cake was flat, the flower girl wailed, and the stationery clerk looked down her nose at me for ordering invitations in September for a November wedding…

    – Is this job beneath you? My immersion in fast food culture during my stint at Burger King.

  3. How about the time you lost your keys in the snow? >:D heh heh heh

    And did you tell them about the time you got the really big card for Karen after she did “X” for the first time?

    The list goes on…

  4. After your comment on my post I think you should expand on your unique talent and offer all your readers a few hundred euphemism for male and female sex organs…laced with a few good jokes. I’d love to read that!

  5. How about how YOU would go about planning for a family vacation…that should be go for a month. I don’t think you’d know where to start…

    P.S. The back yard doesn’t count.

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