Comments on Vanishing Hope

It’s been about four weeks since VANISHING HOPE was released and while I’ve only received one official review (which was, by the way, absolutely glowing) that you can read here, and one blog post that you can read here, I’ve gotten a lot of “unofficial” reviews…that is, what the average reader is saying.

I’m not going to embarrass anyone by naming names, but I can back every one of these up with the original Facebook, Twitter, email or text message.  I’ve got to say, I’m absolutely blown away by all the positive, wonderful, supportive things everyone has said about the book.  And, if for no one else but myself, I decided to capture these comments all in one place.

Yes, I realize this is a little self-serving, but you know what?  There’s times when you just gotta do something that makes you feel better about yourself.

So, without further ado, here we go.

  • “I can only describe [Vanishing Hope] as a dark pleasure.  Like watching a car accident.  It was wicked!  The tone of the book steeps into you as you read.”
  • “I finished Vanishing Hope.  It’s awesome!  I’ve never in my life read something scary and uncomfortable and NOW I can’t wait for No Hope.”  NO HOPE is the follow-up to Vanishing Hope, tentatively scheduled for late next year.
  • “Scary as hell, gripping and it was an awesome story man. I can hardly wait for the next one you write. Keep it up man you have an amazing talent for writing horror.”
  • “In a word: BRILLIANT!  I can’t believe that’s your first book.  Very captivating!”
  • “I finished reading Vanishing Hope this weekend and I have to say I love it! Really kept my interest. I can’t wait for the novel to come out next year…I am really looking forward to reading more of the story and see how things play out. Great book, Tobin!”
  • “Just reading your book, not bad at all, you sick, sick man.”
  • “Just finished it, enjoyed it very much.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.  I assume you are doing a second part, right?” 
  • “For such a normal looking guy, Tobin has a vivid imagination. Imagine having a child with his protagonist’s leanings. And it seems books can be dangerously suggestive.”
  • “I hope Tobin is still [at the Festival of Fear] so I can tell him how damned awesome Vanishing Hope is.”
  • “An absolutely awesome little story.”
  • “A killer little chapbook with a lot of aggression.”
  • “Just finished reading Vanishing Hope.  Super creepy!”
  • “I really really enjoyed Vanishing Hope and I’m really looking forward to reading your full book when it comes out!”
  • “I’ve long said that fantasy and horror are not my reading interest.  Considering that, I couldn’t put Vanishing Hope down.”

I also had a couple of questions from one reader…

“There are some unanswered questions that I hope to hear more about in No Hope. The first is about the origin of the book. The novella eluded to the book disguising itself as a children’s book but then showed itself to Talia. I am curious as to where it came from and how it got into Talia’s room. I hope that the novel may answer this question.”

I’m not going to reveal a lot about the Book, as you do get a little more info on it in No Hope.  So, you’ll get more insights, if not full answers.  I gotta leave something for the other stories, right?

“Another question that I am curious about is where everyone goes when Talia makes them disappear. That information would make for an interesting side storyline as part of your next book.”

Actually, this one is covered off in greater detail in the next book.  NO HOPE will lift those skirts a little higher.  All I’ll say at this point is you’ll get a much more wide-angle view of the world of the Book.

And if you’re going to be anywhere near Barrie this weekend (Oct 1-2), Art Ce Soir will be taking place from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am.  I’ll be there with the Writers’ Community of Simcoe County (WCSC) and I’ll be reading from Vanishing Hope as well as hosting a couple of writing workshops.  And Sunday, I’ll be out at the lunch meeting of the Writers’ Community of York Region (WCYR) hobnobbing and selling books.

And of course, one last reminder that you can purchase VANISHING HOPE at Burning Effigy.

Thanks to all who provided all the positive comments above (and that’s all of them, I didn’t edit out any negative ones, honest!).  All the support I’ve received has meant more to me than any of you can know.

I really appreciate it.


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