CAN not explain it

So…help me out here.  I need to understand the logic in this.

I’ve been walking my dog around my neighbourhood now for over seven years.  I have two different loops around blocks that we take.  A slightly shorter one in the mornings that passes by Highland Park and a longer one in the evenings that also passes by Highland Park.

Why do both of them pass by the same park, you may ask.  And I’d be happy to answer.  For almost six of the past seven years, I passed by the park because they had a very handy garbage receptacle right up near the sidewalk.  It was handy as, once I picked up the doggy-do, I could conveniently pass right by that garbage can and drop it in.

Not to mention it was right at the end of a path that cut through the park, so it also made it handy for anyone entering or exiting the park to drop any garbage they had.

And, even better, it was mere steps away from the bus stop, so again, it was convenient to toss your litter while waiting for public transportation.

Early last summer, my dog and I were doing our morning walk.  There was a couple of city workers working at removing the garbage can.

And I thought, seriously?  Who takes away trash receptacles?  Don’t we add trash receptacles to deter littering?  Especially in parks?

So I asked the workers what the reasoning was.  They told me that they were having problems with people putting household garbage in them.  Green garbage bag-fuls.

Okay, I get it, that’s a pain in the ass for the city.  Makes sense that someone may get uppity about that.  For those not in the know, Clarington has a three bag, every other week limit, to encourage more composting and recycling.  I’ve never found it a problem, in fact I usually don’t even hit the three bags over two weeks.

Apparently others do.  So, out in my neighbourhood, some moron screwed it up for the rest of us.  The city workers pulled both garbage receptacles at either end of the park.

The good news is, there is a little loop within the park that you could still walk up to, just by the sandbox/playground area.  I didn’t like the thoughts of dropping my doggy-do where kids play as much as at the end of the park, but it’s quite gross walking with a bag of crap for a half hour.  So I started dropping it there.

Then about two weeks later, an ugly garbage can (the “oil drum” style) with “Clarington thanks you” on the side appeared in the exact spot where the old garbage can was removed from.

I went back to using that one.

Then, a couple of months later, just around the end of summer, that garbage can disappeared again.  I assumed Clarington was no longer thanking me.

So, for the last year, I’ve gone back to making that loop and dropping the waste there.

But in the same year, I’ve noticed a marked increase in litter strewn through the park.  Not a little.  A lot.  To the point where I noticed one of the residents who lives across the road from the park out there several mornings with his own garbage bag, picking up the garbage strewn around from the previous evening’s soccer game (really, soccer parents, I’m sure it a small percentage of you that are slobs, but those that are really should be ashamed…how would you like to show up to a garbage-strewn field, knowing your kid was going to play there?  Think about it.).

So, imagine my surprise when, two days ago, I made the usual loop and discovered the garbage can in the play area is now gone too.  It’s been replaced by the ugly “Clarington thanks you” oil drum, now placed a good thirty feet further into the park.

So, if I’ve got this straight, they’re strategically placing garbage cans in less and less convenient spots for people to use them, so they won’t get garbage in them.  Have I got that right?

Sounds like something straight out of CATCH-22.  My tax dollars at work.

And yes, I’ll take my little crapbags home if I have to, it’s not that big a deal.  To me, that is.  But I’m really getting sick of seeing all that garbage in the park.  And I’m getting more and more pissed with all the dog turd land mines I have to dodge now because others are (I’m assuming) deciding it’s too inconvenient to even pick it up anymore.  Yeah, it’s gross and yeah, they’re morons, but if I’ve learned anything in this life, it’s that if you make something really easy for people, more will actually do it.

Clarington seems quite thankful about my good garbage habits, but less and less so all the time.


4 thoughts on “CAN not explain it

  1. My sympathies to the neighbour who has to do his own refuse collection. Maybe he should charge them for his work?? Why wouldn’t the Town simply put one of those grated lids over the top of the garbage container so you could only put in, say, a large Tim’s cup, empty sandwich bags, a pop-pak? And I guess there’s no recycling bin, either. If some soccer-loogans are regularly leaving a mess, the Town should do bylaw spot-checks and shame them into leaving things clean. Yuck.

    • Having grates or limited-size access would likely help, but again, morons don’t care about that…they’ll just set their green garbage bags beside the cans, knowing the city will still pick it up.

      Morons. They’re insidious.

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