The news is…

I’m now an official writer for, which is kinda cool.  And kinda scary.

It’s cool because my “beat” or area of “examination” is Toronto and the GTA and anything to do with books or writing or anything else I can cram in there.  You can check out my first article here.

To be honest, this first one, at least to me, is a little underwhelming.  Which leads me into the scary part.  Let’s do the roundabout route to that, shall we?

Somewhere in my travels, I started reading a regular series of articles by Michelle Kerns.  Didn’t much pay attention to anything other than her funny and insightful content.

Then, about a month ago, for some reason when I read her latest article, I poked around the site a bit more.  Turns out that site was  Then I noticed a
“Become an Examiner” section and clicked the link.

First there was an area where you could choose a topic and location.  Toronto.  Books.  Huh, works for me.

From there, I moved into the application section, where I had to tell a little more about myself, provide a bio, provide a case as to why I would be a good choice to write on this particular topic and provide a sample of my writing.  I chose the blog I did on Jack Ketchum a while back as my sample.

Then I kind of forgot all about it, to be honest.

A couple of days ago, they got back to me.  Apparently either they aren’t that picky, or I caught them on a good day, either way, they felt I’d be a good fit and asked for a picture of me.  Which is a real pain in the ass, as I truly hate pics of myself so I try to avoid the camera or, it that proves impossible, I make an unfit-to-print face.  So there’s very few good pics of me.

Anyway, I jumped that hurdle.

Then they set up a space for me to submit my first article and a link to a short “Examiner University” series of flash videos.  I must say, they’re ridiculously well organized.  It really helps your confidence.

But, and here’s where the scary comes back around, the next step was for me to write my first piece for them.  And, for the first time in a long time, I blanked.  It was supposed to be on writing, or books or something, but it was also to have a local flavour.  And they specifically ask you NOT to start with a “here I am!” piece.  Don’t talk about what you will write about…just start writing about it.

And there’s the added pressure of completing it, submitting it, then waiting for their approval of the first piece.  Once that one’s okayed, then you’re good to go, you can toss articles up as often as you please.

But that first one…jeez.  I started on one topic and, very unlike me, gave up on it.  Wasn’t working.  Started a second one.  Same thing.  The third one’s the one that made it.

They okayed it.

I’m not happy with it.

I promise they’ll be better going forward.

Anyway, suffer though the first one, won’t you?  I promise it will at least be more fun that watching an old Rick Astley video.

Comment on it (good or bad, I’ll just be happy for comments, even if they rip me to shreds).  And subscribe if you so desire.

So, I’m officially Someone that Someone Else Chose to Publish.

So, there’s that, huh?


10 thoughts on “The news is…

  1. Congratulations Tobin! I think this is a fabulous opportunity! You are very humble about your own talents which is commendable and rare these days. Honestly, you are a very gifted writer and you will do well in this career.

  2. Great article, Tobin. Left a comment. I’m on the provision board of WCYR and say a big THANKS for the mention. Will make sure this is shared on our website.

  3. Well, might as well put your to work now! O.K., Jonathan Eskedjian hosts a poetry reading each month in Barrie, known as the Society of the Spoken Word. I’ve never been because they meet from 9 – 11 p.m. at night and bus wise that doesn’t work out for me. The reason I’m writing you is because I received a note from Jonathan on Facebook about his personal booklaunching event in Toronto. It is on Wednesday, October 12th from 7 – 10 p.m. at The Annex Live Restaurant at 296 Brunswick Avenue, Toronto. I told him I was going to get in touch with you about it and made you sound good…

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