Monday Monday

It’s Monday again.  I don’t think that brings the same dread form me as it does for some people.

I know for many, with the end of the weekend and the start of the “working week” (though that line has become more and more transparent over the years), this is the groan-inducing morning where it all come crashing back in.  Five days of work…in a row!  And yeah, there’s still some of that for me, but it helps when you like your job.

But it also signals the end of the weekend.  Which can be bittersweet.  The weekend is a time of less schedule, much more downtime, a chance to catch up on sleep, visit with friends, hang out and enjoy the weather, stay up late, get up late…all of that fun stuff.  but it also has its downsides too.  Those big chores that get put off through the week have to get done, which can leave you thinking you worked all weekend.  Or, you can have a ton of stuff planned to do…and not get to any of it, leaving you with Sunday night/Monday morning guilt.

I’m sure my wife dreads most Sundays, because that’s laundry day.  And, with two teenagers, that means, every week, she has about three weeks’ worth of laundry.  Seriously, how many costume changes do these kids go through in a day?

Back to Mondays.

Mondays are a little more hectic for me, as this is where I’ll do “the day job” and also go teach Creative Writing in the evening, so my week tends to be a little front-loaded, but I don’t mind that.  It gets easier as we go.  But still, I enjoy Mondays because of that teaching.  The classes are fun, the students are interesting and I love the topic.

As for the day job, really, the work is always there, there’s always something happening, so it really doesn’t matter what day of the week it is.  There are certain meetings that happen on certain days (we are a company that loves our meetings, yessir!) but really, most days are indistinguishable from each other.

But Monday also signals the return of that dreaded taskmaster, the alarm clock.  I typically hear my son’s go off at 5:30.  He rarely gets up then, choosing to stay in bed another hour or so and get in the shower at 6:30.  I never hear my daughter’s at 6:00, but she’s up like without prodding every morning.  I tend to wake up around 5:30 naturally, likely from so many mornings of doing that, back when I had to be on a GO Train early enough to get to work on time.  So I’ll wake up, look at the clock, see with satisfaction that it’s 5:30, probably hear my son’s alarm, then we both go back to sleep.  Then I’ll wake up again somewhere around 6:30.  My daughter’s up then, son’s likely in the shower, and I kind of drift, think about things, basically ease into the morning.  I’ll shut off my alarm around 6:45, a solid fifteen minutes before it actually goes off (I rarely hear my alarm actually go off anymore) and get up.

And then, it’s Monday.  My daughter’s bustling, my son’s shambling, my wife’s still in bed.

My daughter, like myself, despises being late.  In fact, she hates even cutting it close.  My son’s the master of cutting it close.  So, mornings, any morning is fun when the two of them are getting ready for school.  She’ll be in the car right at 8:00, he’ll come strolling down, all the time in the world, ten minutes later.  By then, my daughter’s eyes are rolled up to the back of her head, she’s frothing at the mouth and shaking with apoplectic fury.  “And the silicon chip inside her head is switched to overload.” 

Thank God, tomorrow morning is the last morning for that.

So there’s always that dread of that first thing Monday morning.

But really, Monday’s really aren’t that bad.  At least for me.

How about you?


3 thoughts on “Monday Monday

  1. When you’re retired you mostly forget what day of the week it is. Is today Monday?

    Thanks for the musical interludes. Yeah Mamas and Papas – 1965 – sharing a room, a radio and a mirror with a sister while we got ready for school. Even better than Monday Monday was California Dreamin’.

    Loved the Boomtown Rats – loaded with attitude.

  2. I don’t mind Monday mornings. Weekends are work for me (and most are by the way). I work 12 days shifts. That’s right. Twelve days in a row and most of which start at 6:30am…caring for others. Mondays are a sense of relief for me. I know what to expect. I provide personal care to delightful seniors and I love my chosen passion. So going back to work after my stressful, hectic, too short 2 days off (of 4 in a month) is a blessing. If I had more time, energy and one more day attached to the end of my weekend, I’d love weekends and dread Tuesdays. But as it is, I don’t mind Monday mornings.

  3. All I can think about is that old song of The Mommas and The Poppas, ‘Monday, Monday.’
    I am going to mention your blog on the She Writes group for humour, so keep being funny. (No pressure…)

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