Stats All, Folks!

I pushing “Author Thursday” off a week, because I realized I have a problem.  And the first step in the road to recovery is to admit you have a problem…

Let me back up a little.  I started this blog a little over a month ago.  Three things I never expected to happen, happened.

The first was me keeping it up on a daily basis.  I’ve tried to blog before and…well, it was pretty much a dismal failure.  I got a few blogs out, but I never really got the sense that anyone other than the other people in my house and a couple of friends.  And really, if that’s the case, why bother?  You can just talk to them.

But after going to a “Shameless Self Promotion” event, I felt the secret was to get my ass out there and write something every day.  I still think that’s the secret.  I was cleaning up my list of “favourites” on Explorer a few days ago and I came across a link that I didn’t recognize the name for.  Curious, I clicked it.  Turns out it was a blog that a friend used to do.  Emphasis on the “used to”.  When I did a quick scan of the page, the first nail in the coffin was to see that the last post had been in 2008.  The second coffin nail was them pointing out that it had been several months since their last post.  The final nail that locked the lid down was their commitment to start writing more often on the blog.

What really got me was that in my previous blog, I’d said and done all the same things.  In fact, I’d publicly committed to 50 blogs in one year.  One a week with a couple of weeks off for good behaviour.  And I was so committed, I even numbered them to prove to everyone how serious I was.

Yeah, I made it to ten.

In fact, for the entire history of that blog (and no, I’m not going to give you the link or the name), I wrote a gobsmacking total of 17 posts.  From May 21, 2006 to April 10, 2010.  Almost exactly 4 years.  17 posts in 1420 days.

In comparison, this is post 39 since May 2.  That’s 39 posts in 38 days.

Huh.  So…there’s that.  I write every day.

The second thing I never expected to happen was to actually have people read what I wrote.  Yeah, I mean, in the back of my mind I kind of hoped for it, but the reality is, you get, you know, your family, maybe your mom (if she’s web savvy…mine ain’t) might read it.  And, no matter what you write, as long as it isn’t directed at your family, you’ll likely get, “that’s nice.”  And your web-savvy mom?  Well, she’ll likely give you shit for almost anything you write (cause it’s either rude or there’s rude words in there)…at least if you have a mom like mine…only…you know…web-savvy.

Again, I was wrong.  I apparently have readers.  Well, no, I do have a couple of readers, because I’ve had comments back on stuff I wrote, so I know I have readers.  Kind of freaks me out a bit. I keep wondering what kind of weirdo actually reads what I’ve written…and comes back for more!

Which leads me to my last unexpectation (yes, I just made that word up, don’t judge me) and a confession…  I’ve become a stats junkie.  I check my stats multiple times a day to see how many hits my blog gets, which strikes me as ridiculously egotistical.  We all know that one guy or girl that can’t pass a mirror without checking themselves out…and even worse, smiling appreciatively at themselves.

Yeah well, imagine me as that smiling idiot.  Okay, well, I’m that conceited smiling idiot on days with high hit counts.  On low hit days, I’m just the idiot checking all day…no smiling.

So, it’s one of those things that I consistently tell myself doesn’t matter, but really, when I cracked 200 hits total, I did a happy dance.  When I got 500, even more excitement.  To date, I’m over 1500, so yeah, total swollen head.  And when I cracked a 100 hits in a day (it’s only happened twice…and one day with a maddening 99 hits), I simply thought I was the cat’s ass!

So, yeah, I’m addicted to the numbers.  The graph gives me joy.

I’m pathetic.  I know this.

Anyway, the one thing that keeps nagging me is…does everyone that hits my blog actually read my blog?  That I don’t know.

So, do me a favour.  If you read this far, or if you read on a regular basis, just shoot a comment below or even “like” this blog…satisfy the creepy addiction for one day, willya?


9 thoughts on “Stats All, Folks!

  1. You know I like you (I can’t believe I’m writing this!) I don’t like cussing in writing either, but maybe you’ll get over that when you realise you’re in the big leagues now! Love your writing and sweet honesty, so get over yourself and keep writing… P.S. If you have two days off because you have the flu or there’s a family crisis it’s O.K!

  2. I hit, and read your blog every time you write – because it’s a fun read and says what I wish I could say – so I live vicariously through your perspectives.

    When I started my blog I was the same way about checking stats. The frustrating thing was how slowly they build at the start, but this time next year you’ll be doing goofy happy dances instead of grinning ear to ear.

    What I find astounding about your blog is the length of your daily posts and the great accompanying photos. That’s a lot of work. I’ve heard a different “shameless self-promotion” tip that says to write short posts 3 times a week. I do varying lengths once or twice a week … Don’t burn yourself out, although I’m happy if you keep it going at this pace.

  3. I read them…I do, I do!

    Blog stats…ugh, all bloggers fall prey to checking and rechecking them. I read in a snooty blog post once that being addicted to stats is a “beginner” thing. Whatever, like that guy never checks his stats anymore. Hey kids, can you spell L-I-A-R?

    I’m like you…happy when it hits over 100, and sad when it falls short. I’ve been blogging just over a year, and my total hits is just shy of 7,000, so I think getting 1500 in that amount of time is very impressive!

    I love your posts, always funny. Keep on keeping on…

  4. I totally hear you!! I too am a stat addict. If you think you’re pathetic because of it then you are in good company; there must be millions of us out there. Keep going though. FEED YOUR ADDICTION!! Great post by the way.

  5. “I keep wondering what kind of weirdo actually reads what I’ve written…and comes back for more!”

    I am! But then you’ve known I’m a weirdo since the whole Captain Canuck incident.

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