This is Tobin Elliott – Station Identification


I’m Tobin.

"It's but a flesh wound!"

I write a daily (or at least, mostly daily) blog.  I also have a novel, NO HOPE, ready for small press publication.  Before that, the prequel story, VANISHING HOPE, will be published by August.  I also have a real job as a Communications Specialist.

I’m gonna try something different for a while…

Muse Monday – where I write about…well…writing.

Autonomous Tuesday – where I write about anything I friggin’ well please.

Weird Wednesday – anything weird I observe in daily life.

Author Thursday (a.k.a. Authorsday) – highlighting any author I enjoy/despise/feel strongly about.

Flashback Friday – stupid things I’ve done in the past.

Subjective Saturday – completely subjective and never objective thoughts on…something.

Sunday – …and on the seventh day, he rests.

And yeah, this may last one week and I throw it out.  I don’t know…I kinda like some structure.  We’ll see.

Let me know if you hate it/love it/are completely indifferent to it.

Thanks for coming out.


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