Saturday Random Thoughts

Prom Update

My daughter’s still out from the Prom (the girls were crashing at a friend’s house). And yeah, you’re likely shaking your head as you grin and say, “Poor, poor naive Dad, buying into the oldest teenage excuse in the world…” You may be right, but I trust my girl. She’s made the best choices up to now, so I don’t expect that to change.


I went and saw Thor last weekend. It’s a Marvel movie, so of course I loved it. But what’s with all the bone-headed concern over Heimdall being protrayed by a black man? Check out the (unfortunately uncredited) quote from Bleeding Cool:

The movie works fine from a White racial perspective – I see the addition of a Black Heimdal as a minor concession to get the film produced and marketed in 2011 America. And this Black Heimdal has a really bad job – being a Black doorman/gate keeper who must work 24/7/365 far, far away from the fun of the White gods in Asgard.

Thor is perfectly cast – the little Nordic White boy actor of young Thor is also very good, so is the presentation of Loki – a sinister, alien looking being who was taken at birth from a foreign race and raised to be a son of Odin, even though he isn’t. NS folks should notice a nice parallel to alien Semitic races who have lived amongst us, but are always, somehow not quite right.

The Thor – Jane Fonda chemistry is excellent, a really solid White god/mortal romance. Jane isn’t some pushy feminist , she’s certainly smart, but she lets her man do all the fighting and goes for the Elizabethan strong Nordic guy with the long golden locks.

There are no – ZERO promotions of race mixing, multi culturalism, anti racism, cultural marxism etc.

The action takes place in a White New Mexico and a White Asgard with some ventures in to some nasty, racially alien Frost Giants.

This movie was great and it is doing very well in the box office. American audiences like to see a White hero and White love interests.

Gotta love the positive review huh? As long as the Black guy is playing a doorman (and ignoring the fact that he’s the first and best defense to Asgard) is okay. God help us. I can’t believe this sort of idiocy still exists in the world today.

By the way, Jane Fonda has nothing to do with this movie. The “Thor – Jane Fonda chemistry” they talk about is his relationship with the Natalie Portman character, Jane Foster. So, not only are they stupid, but they can’t spell either.


And then there’s my old high school, R.S. McLaughlin in Oshawa. The school administration has some sort of mad-on for some wrist bands raising awareness for the fight against breast cancer. I’m not going to rehash the whole ridiculous debate here, but you can read about it here.

Honestly, I think the whole wristband thing has run its course. I’m not fond of wristbands myself, but I get why many people will wear them. They’re wearing them to support someone or some cause. And that’s nothing but noble.

The whole debate seems to be over the term “boobies” as it is considered a sexual innuendo. Okay. Maybe it is. So are they saying it’s wrong for a student to say to another student, “Nice boobies!” but it’s okay to use the proper terms? “Nice breasts and/or mammaries!” Yeah, doubt it.

And really, with all the language and events that I know happen in your normal, average Oshawa high school every day, is wearing a wrist band that contains the word “boobies” really that high on the list of Things You Shouldn’t Do? If the worst word my kids had ever been subjected to was “boobies” in school, I would have been shocked and impressed.

And schools, these places of learning from what has come before should know, the more you try and repress something, to hold it down, especially when it’s linked to something that carries such a strong emotional factor behind it (the suffering or death of a loved one from a dreaded disease), the more that something is going to come back around and bite you in the ass. So you should get your head out of it first or you’ll end up with bite marks on your neck and they’re hard to explain.

I love boobies too.

Boobies Bracelet

Okay, I guess that’s enough ranting for now.

Roller Derby

Seriously, when was the last time you thought about roller derby? Yeah, me too. And yet, a lovely woman I work with will be shedding all traces of civilization tonight to compete as Heidi Caliber .357. It’ll be a tough thing as Hi Caliber is competing with the Gore Gore Girls from Toronto and they’ll be going up against the Smoke City Betties, an Oshawa team. Do I cheer for my home town or my colleague?

Ah, you know I’ll cheer for Hi Caliber…

I’ve never been to one of these things…I think it’ll be fun, but maybe a touch scary.

Real Women. Real Hits. Real Heart.
One last thing…


On Thursday evening, I made the long trip to Barrie to support a friend, Noelle Bickle, and some other members of the Writers’ Community of Durham Region (WCDR) in their quest to open a sister community in Simcoe County called, appropriately enough, the Writers’ Community of Simcoe County (WCSC).

From what I saw, there was a decent and passionate group that are initially interested. I think Noelle’s passion will make this community as great as the one in Durham Region. I’ve offered up my meager services. If you know someone who’s in the area and interested, link them to the site above.

And that should be enough for today. I’m off to enjoy my weekend!


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